Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Joana Arnauth - the Designer behind our image!

A HUGE thanks to the freelance designer Joana Arnauth for cleaning up our image - it was time to change our first logo (we had it for almost what, 4 years?) and Joana turned our wishes come true.

Thank you for the hard work and support!

Check out her amazing Graphite Portraits and Illustrations - she's a killer artist!!

Graphite Portraits


Ohh, and what about these familiar faces? Daniela from Ballerina Bird, and Raquel, one of La Cerise's models and now part-time Blogger from Moon and Sea Lover!

Follow Joana Arnauth on FACEBOOK and BEHANCE!


I believe thanks are also in order to (and now I have to speak in the first person) my sister, Maggie from Black Rose (from La Cerise - she's the jewellery designer!). She gave a new light to the Blog, something I could never came up with! Thank you!

...and since we're here - Maggie was Dollified too!

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